Phoenix Aero

was set up to supply the new generation of Gyroplane Rotor Blades Systems.

Pilots will now be in a position to replace their old rotor systems, like the Rotor Hawks, Rotor Dynes, McCutchen Skywheels, and Dragon Wings which have been in use for some time but unfortunately some have become unsafe due to delamination issues and are deemed not safe to fly.

It has taken a long time from the start of this process to get the Section T approval from the Light Aircraft Association and with this in mind we have the pleasure to announce the new Razor Rotor Blades by Gyro Technic and the new Skywheels by Skywheels LLC to offer for the replacement of the old rotor systems.

Now is the time to upgrade to the new rotor blade systems and as we can see the build quality and performance has improved with technology.