Skywheels blades

Skywheel Rotor Blades

The older rotor blade systems were manufactured with care but also required to be Fine Tuned to the gyroplane on which they were to be used. They needed to be adjusted, flight tested and often adjusted again.

The modern day Skywheels Rotor Blade systems are being made to the same standard/process as in 1985 McCutchen Skywheels from composite material following a time-tested process.

The rotors systems are sold balanced chordwise and spanwise and tracked and any further adjustments are unnecessary, assuming your rotor head is concentric and square.

The rotor blades offer a significant reduction in drag as a laminar flow air foil with smooth and rigid contours, and an aerodynamically and clean lift producing center section

The rotor blade set have an 8 inch wide cord with a Swept Tip or Square end.

Each Rotor Blade has a mark of A or B for easy assembly to the Hub Bar which is marked with A & B on the teeter block. Each kit comes complete with nuts, bolts and clamps and with the correct tools to assemble and a diagram to have a perfect blade set up.

Please email/call for price of the blades