Razor Blades

Gyro Technic (visit website)

The blades, kits and any component can be supplied to the UK and Europe.

The older rotor blade systems were manufactured with care but also required to be Fine Tuned to the gyroplane on which they were to be used. They needed to be adjusted, flight tested and often adjusted again.

The Razor Blades are produced by CNC-machined components and are precision and quality to the highest standards for a modern set of aluminium rotor blades.

The aluminium 23ft rotor blades are initially balanced, with each blade end having an engraved slot for blade balancing with the ability to add more weight if required.

The hub Bar is 12” for the 23ft rotor blades set. There is a simple tracking adjustment via a set screw with graduated markings around the centre of the teeter bolt hole to maintain a balanced system, however even a little adjustment will adjust the balance ever so slightly.

Each set of blades comes complete with hub bar, which is marked with an X & O for easy fitting/assembly for each blade and also comes complete with nuts, bolts and clips and a diagram for easy assembly

The Razor Rotor Blades systems are not claimed to be “hand start-able”. thats not to say it can’t be done if really needed and we would recommend to be used with a good pre-rotator

Please email/call for price of the blades